Tile Stripping and Waxing

Vinyl Floor Care

Today most schools, churches, and retail stores utilize vinyl floors and vinyl composite tile (VCT). Triclean offers expert services in tile stripping and waxing for your vinyl floors to make them look as new as when they were first installed.

Our highly trained professionals offer the latest in tile stripping and waxing technology combined with the highest quality of customer service and satisfaction.
Initially we’ll send a site manager to your place of business and perform a consultation. During this time they will get accurate measurements of the area needing cleaning and will figure out the correct procedure to clean the floors.

On the day of cleaning you can expect our professional technicians to follow a multi step plan similar to the one below:

  • Removing small items on the floors
  • Thoroughly sweeping floors to remove dirt and dust on surface
  • Application of stripping compound to floors
  • Scrubbing machines utilized to scrub floors and remove dirt and old finish that a broom cannot do
  • Rinse floors of excess stripping compound with a neutral detergent
  • Carefully tape off molding and thresholds
  • Application of 3 to 5 coats of new high gloss floor finish, to give it that new floor shine
  • Return items to floor once the floor is dry

All floors should be safe to walk on within a few hours after the last application of high gloss finish. The above steps are subject to change depending on the condition of your floors.

A trained Triclean professional will decide exactly what you vinyl floor needs in terms of care and treatment.