Vacuuming Your Carpet Isn’t Enough

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We have posted before about keeping your business clean to attract tourists during tourist season. Unfortunately, many companies, offices, parlors, churches, and other gathering places often rely far too much on vacuuming and sweeping alone. While those activities are certainly worthwhile and aid in keeping surfaces tidy, they do not begin to address other harmful issues that can lower the … Read More

How to Extend the Life of Your Tile Floor

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Tile floors are a common flooring choice for businesses, offices, churches, schools, and commercial properties. Seemingly easier to keep clean than carpet, tiles floors still require regular upkeep in order to retain their luster and last longer. Below are some steps to help keep your tile floor presentable and extend the life of your tile floor. What You Can Do … Read More

Triclean Routine Cleaning Services

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If your business, church, clubhouse, or other commercial property has seen a marked increase in customers, attendants, or tourists this summer, you know the importance of regular cleaning. Triclean is available for routine cleaning services that include general solutions as well as tailored services just to fit your property’s needs. Our long history of service in the Triangle area has … Read More

Key Cleaning Services for Tourist Season

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Tourists coming into town is great for business, but it also means that more people will frequent your business. In turn, you will need more cleaning services, since people often track dirt and grime and general wear-and-tear can lead to dingy carpets, trash overflow, odors, and more. At Triclean, we can help your company by providing specific cleaning services geared … Read More