5 Ways to Maintain a Building in the Winter

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The winter weather is fast approaching and you will want to ensure your building is secured at every angle and that the appropriate maintenance procedures have been put in place, which brings an old saying to mind, ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. We wouldn’t wish the latter upon any of you and want your building to stay safe and in top-notch condition when the cold strikes. Here are 5 Ways to Maintain a Building in the Winter.

General Maintenance:

Best to start with the general condition of your building, evaluate the premises and keep an eye out for any small holes or gaps in the facade and brickwork. Even the tiniest of cavities can expand and begin to crack so it’s best to catch them early before any harm has been done.

Concrete Sealing:

A sealant is applied to protect concrete from surface damage, corrosion and staining. This is a great idea for outdoor parking lots and driveways, ensuring your surface will last through the winter and look as good as new in spring.

Window Washing:

This is relevant for every season, few things are more flattering to a building than a gleaming exterior. Glistening window pane’s are a great way to show a property off to it’s full potential and will fill its residents with pride.

Snow Plowing and Ice Management:

This is an important one to be prepared for, think about securing an appropriate company, like Triclean, prior to the snowfall to guarantee you will be at the top of the list and beat the last minute rush.

Carpet Cleaning:

Getting carpet cleaning scheduled regularly helps your floor surface feel, smell and look fantastic, brightening up any room and getting rid of the dust which a vacuum cannot.

If you need assistance with something that does not appear on that list, not to worry… we cater to unique situations and understand that building maintenance can be a little unpredictable. Get a FREE Estimate today! 

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