Odor Problems? We Keep Your Business Odor Free

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Odor Problems? If your business is filled with an unpleasant odor, the simple fact is that customers are not going to want to frequent that location. This means a drastic drop in revenue until the odor situation is fixed. Luckily, we have several ways of dealing with smelly problems at Triclean.

Carpet Cleaning

Many times, less-intense odors can be solved by our rigorous carpet cleaning process. After determining the specific needs of your business, we will offer a wide variety of services that can deodorize the carpet. For example, we perform the following carpet-based services:

  • Pre-vacuuming to remove dry detritus
  • Application of anti-stain treatments
  • Application of Scotch Guard to repel future stains and prevent odor saturation
  • Deep soil extraction techniques
  • Steam treatments

Those are just a few of the ways that we help you preserve your carpet and prevent or remove stains and odors. If you suspect that carpeting problems may be the true issue at the heart of your business’ bad odor, you can learn more about your Triclean options here.

Heavy-Duty Odors

For odor problems that are a bit more complex than carpet cleaning can cure, Triclean offers our clients several options. The way it works is simple. We start the process off by meeting with you to discuss the issue, examining the office or business space, and assessing the extent of the problem. Once we have a clearer focus on the source of the odor, we can work to remove it. Each plan will be unique to the business that hires us, as each odor is different from the last.

One of the main ways that we deal with very intense smells is through our state-of-the-art Ozone Air Treatments. For a more detailed analysis of what goes on in this treatment, read our blog post here. Essentially, the problem area (or areas) are sealed off from the rest of the building and pumped full of ozone. This kills harmful bacteria like mold or mildew that could be producing the smell and cleanses the air of the noxious odor.

No matter how severe your odor problem is, contact us today to receive a consultation on how we can solve it for you!

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