Remove Stubborn Smells with Ozone Air Treatments

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Want to rid rooms of smells quickly without interrupting your regular activities? Use ozone air treatments for optimal results.

Ozone air treatments handle the toughest odors to remove, including mold, mildew, tobacco smoke, pets and other unwanted scents, and they do so efficiently, safely and cost-effectively. They can treat an entire house within hours by isolating different rooms, letting you carry on your usual business while adjacent areas receive treatment.

How It Works

The area being treated is sealed off from the rest of the house. Over several hours, a generator will produce rising levels of ozone within the affected area until the problem has been eliminated. For mold and mildew, the zone attacks it at the source, removing the harmful microorganisms for good.

Make Sure to Prepare

As ozone breaks down odor at a molecular level, the ozone air treatment requires the spaces being treated to produce enough ozone molecules to react with all of the odor-causing molecules in the house. Therefore, the better you have cleaned the source, the better the ozone will treat the scent that remains.

Prevent Recurrences

While ozone removes strong scents, it cannot overcome problems that keep repeating, like water constantly leaking in a basement allowing mold to grow. Such leaks and other causes of odors must be addressed and resolved to keep the areas treated by the ozone generator smelling fresh.

Advantages for Property Owners and Building Managers

Ozone treatments can be fast and easy, done within a single rental period. Treatment time can vary due to the severity and types of odors and room sizes treated, but most can be handled within a few hours, leaving a newly fresh working and living space.

The process is quick and easy with Triclean’s ozone generator and trained team. For more information on the process and to get a quote, call us at (919) 933-9955 or fill out this form.

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