The Importance of Upholstery Cleaning

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Many of us have entered into a place of business only to be greeted by run-down, old, or unclean sofas and chairs. This is huge turnoff for customers and can make employees less comfortable in their working environment. Luckily, at Triclean we offer upholstery cleaning services to help make your lobby, waiting area, or office a more pleasant sight to behold.

What We Clean

Upholstery comes in many forms, and most of them are serviced by Triclean. The visual effects of going from shabby, drab upholstery to newly cleaned upholstery are often astounding. Plus, businesses and organizations can purchase our upholstery cleaning services either as a separate, individual service or in a custom bundle to fit each client’s cleaning needs. Some of the items we work to clean include the following and more:

  • Church pews
  • Fleet vehicle interiors
  • Upholstered cubicle walls
  • Chairs
  • Sofas

The Process

Triclean starts the cleaning process by coming to your place of business and assessing the upholstery situation. We look into the kinds of objects that need cleaning, the intensity of the cleaning necessary, and the kinds of chemicals needed to get the job done. Once we have an assessment, we go over the details with you, the business owner, and offer a quote on the services we will provide.

Usually, upholstery cleaning uses a special steam-cleaning tool attached to our truck. This uses steam to remove deep stains from old upholstery and get rid of unsightly dirt and gunk. If requested, we also provide a coat of Scotch Guard to prevent future stains and extend the overall life of the cleaned item. Of course, Triclean is dedicated to customer satisfaction and we include upholstery cleaning in our satisfaction guarantee.

If you would like to know more about Triclean’s upholstery cleaning, get a quote on other services, or schedule a consultation, call our Hillsborough or Beaufort office. Contact information, as well as a form for emails, is located on our contact page here. Get your upholstery cleaned today and see the difference Triclean can make! You may be surprised at the positive effect new-looking pews, truck interiors, office walls, and seating areas can have on your business.

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