Benefits of Scotch Guard Carpet Treatments

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At Triclean, our carpet cleaning procedures are all adherent to the standards set forth by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. In addition to cleaning your carpets, we also offer an optional treatment of Scotch Guard. Though this treatment is optional, we recommend it because it offers two primary (and important!) benefits.

Stain Protection

The first way that our Scotch Guard treatments benefit your carpets is by preventing future stains. Essentially, the treatment coats the carpet fibers so that they repel stains instead of absorbing them. This makes them easier to clean, so you no longer have to worry about pets, children, or accidental red wine spills. The same is true for general soiling, as our Scotch Guard treatments make carpet fibers repel dirt and crumbs.

Deep Cleaning 

When we apply Scotch Guard treatments, the chemicals penetrate deep into the carpet. Not only does this provide a protective layer against stains, but it also gives the carpet a nice sheen of cleanliness. The carpet will look more vibrant and fresh, and will stay that way for longer.

Of course, our Scotch Guard application has other benefits as well. Given that the fibers are more repellent, vacuuming your carpet is generally easier to do after we have provided the treatment. Plus, the treatments themselves give off a pleasant aroma of flowers that reinforces the clean look. You don’t have to worry about the smell of chemicals! Generally dry within a few hours, our Scotch Guard carpet treatments comply with safety standards and are not harmful to pets or children. If you need the carpets to dry faster, a helpful tip is to open the windows or use a large fan to speed the process along.

Applying Scotch Guard treatments is only one aspect of our carpet cleaning process. To learn more about what we offer, check out our carpet cleaning services.

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