Vacuuming Your Carpet Isn’t Enough

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We have posted before about keeping your business clean to attract tourists during tourist season. Unfortunately, many companies, offices, parlors, churches, and other gathering places often rely far too much on vacuuming and sweeping alone. While those activities are certainly worthwhile and aid in keeping surfaces tidy, they do not begin to address other harmful issues that can lower the value of your property and diminish your ability to attract customers. Here are a few ways that vacuuming doesn’t answer all the problems, as well as services we provide to help you address those issues.


First and foremost, vacuuming does not get at the deep-seated mold spores that can lead to worse problems down the road. This is because vacuuming does virtually nothing to help decrease humidity. Since we live on the coast, our air is quite humid. Without constant upkeep, you run the risk of allowing mold and mildew to fester in your building, causing poor air quality, odors, and even health risks if left unchecked. Mold issues can be one among many results of water and moisture damage, but Triclean can help with water damage restoration.

Carpet Stains

Vacuuming only removes surface-level detritus from your carpet, which means that stains (sometimes even odorous ones) can seep in and cause permanent damage. For any business, an occasional spill is inevitable. Even if you dry the area and vacuum the carpet, there is still a strong chance that smelly and sightly spots will remain. Not only does Triclean offer full carpet cleaning treatments to help remove stains and odors, but we also provide Scotch Gard to protect against future stains.


Another problem with vacuuming by itself is that a vacuum does not suck up many of the allergens that can become trapped in a carpet. Since failing to get professional carpet cleaning leads to mold, moisture, and stains, this is a problem that tends to feed off of itself in a snowball effect. At Triclean, our odor control services include the use of air scrubber and ozone treatments, which can help eliminate allergens in the air that cause you and your customers to have allergic reactions.

For more information about how Triclean can help you build on vacuuming and other basic cleaning routines, contact our offices here.

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