The Dangers of Mold, and How to Fix Them

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Mold. We’ve all experienced this nasty critter, and it has most likely reared its ugly head once again in the wake of Hurricanes Florence and Michael. What you may not know is that mold and mildew can cause serious problems for your commercial building. Listed below are some of the major dangers of mold, along with solutions that can lower or prevent the risk of damage to your building.

Structural Damage Due to Dry Rot

Though most molds are considered “surface molds” and do not cause significant structural damage, dry rot is a mold that occurs in wood and can seriously deplete its strength. For businesses, unsightly dry-rotted wood window sills, doorways, roofing, or facades can drive customers away and may be indicative of too much moisture inside your building. Excess moisture can lead to cracking in your foundation and other serious problems.

Mold’s Effects on Health

The other main issue with mold is its link to health problems in humans. The Institute of Medicine and the CDC have collected evidence that links mold problems to issues like respiratory symptoms, increased asthma symptoms, coughing, wheezing, and a worsening of conditions in immune-compromised people. There is also evidence that suggests the presence of mold can increase the likelihood of depression. For the sake of your workers and customers, it is best to prevent mold issues before they arise and deal with them swiftly once they are found.

Mold Solutions

So how can you prevent these problems? There are a few steps that should be taken. The most straightforward solution is to control the moisture levels in your office by using dehumidifiers and efficient air conditioning systems. Second, fix leaks as quickly as possible when they occur, such as replacing windows, recaulking, repairing leaky roofs, or handling plumbing issues. Finally, make sure that high-risk areas have proper ventilation to remove moisture. This includes cooking areas for restaurants, shower areas for hotels, and laundry areas for laundromats.

Have you found mold at your place of business? Triclean can help. We offer mold and mildew remediation services to remove the problem and restore the area to its proper status. We are also available, in the wake of the latest devastating hurricanes, for water and storm damage restoration services. Contact our offices in the Triangle and in Beaufort for more information.

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