The Triclean Code of Professionalism

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A strong sense of professionalism is a very important aspect to any business. At Triclean we understand that our knowledge and professionalism is what sets us apart from the competition.

Triclean Blog #2 ImageThese are the five categories of professionalism that have helped Triclean continue to grow for the last 20 years.

1) Character: Character refers to the character of our employees and how they interact with our customers. Character can include being truthful and fair to our customers or taking responsibility for anything that goes wrong. It can also include stuff as simple as arriving on time to the job location.

2) Attitude: Our attitude shows our customers a lot about how we approach projects and jobs. Having a positive willingness to take on any problem makes a considerable difference in the personal relationships we have with our customers. Demonstrating helpfulness and respect also shows you mean more to us than just money and return business. We value each relationship.

3) Excellence: As a leader in commercial cleaning and maintenance solutions we strive for excellence at every turn. We always work to exceed expectations and do our best to make sure we ask how we are doing at every turn.

4) Competency: Competency refers to the ability of every member of our staff – from the person on-site working on the job to our company president – to accomplish tasks effectively and efficiently. In a world where time is money it is important to display competency while servicing our clients and having jobs completed on time and correctly. Some skills that are important in this area include team work and leadership through ever level of the process.

5) Conduct: Finally, conduct refers to how an individual conducts himself on a jobsite. It is important to uphold the ethics of Triclean and to treat each customer with respect. We understand maintaining strong ethical values reflects greatly on our company, your business and our working relationship.

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