Tips for Washing Window Awnings

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Window awnings are one of those items on a home or commercial building that serve various important purposes. For starters, they offer a form of protection for your windows from the outdoor elements. They can also provide additional curb appeal.

So just like any important structural feature, inside or outside the home or commercial building, window awnings need to be cleaned and maintained to perform optimally and look great. Below are just a few tips and things to remember when cleaning and maintaining your window awnings.

Tips for Washing Window Awnings

  1. Clean Regularly:

It is important to clean your awnings on a regular basis. Most experts agree that at least 1 to 2 times a year is good for maintaining their look and performance.

  1. Rinse, Rinse, Rinse:

Washing awnings with a hose or pressure washer can remove large amounts of dirt and mud. Make sure that if you use a pressure washer you stand a good distance back, or understand the stream’s power as to not damage the awning.

  1. Use Soap:

If it appears that water is not enough to wash awnings of filth try using a little bit of soap and a good scrubbing brush. For both fabric and metal awnings some mild soap or dish soap would work well and not damage awnings.

  1. Trim Your Trees:

If you begin to notice tree branches hanging over awnings or are a few feet from awnings consider trimming them. In a lot of cases runoff from these trees can cause a lot of the dirt and grime to build up on awnings. Tree branches can also damage fabric awnings and metal awnings in storm situations.


The tips above are just a few to follow when it comes to properly cleaning and maintaining window awnings. Of course if you do not feel comfortable doing all of this yourself feel free to call a professional to come in and do it for you. Remember, a clean awning is a happy awning.

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