The Importance of Concrete Sealing for Your Business

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One of the key services we offer at Triclean is concrete sealing. Though many business owners may not think about sealing their concrete floors, it is actually very important to do so. There are numerous benefits to this service, and we have highlighted a few of the most important ones here.

Protection Against Water Damage

Though it may seem solid enough, a concrete floor is full of tiny pores that can retain moisture. In the event of flooding, this can lead to serious damage that may require a new floor to be installed, costing business owners dearly. However, even minor moisture build-ups can be detrimental to your concrete floor. If water is allowed to build up inside the pores of the concrete, this can lead to the growth of unsightly and unsanitary mold. Sealing your floor can help keep the water out and prevent mold from discoloring the concrete.

Protection Against the Sun

The sun is unbelievably powerful, and even concrete is not immune from the effects of its harmful rays. If unsealed, a concrete floor that is exposed to sunlight can gradually diminish in color and can even suffer structural damage. Getting your concrete floor sealed is the best way to repel the sun’s light and ensure that your floor lasts longer and looks great.

Increasing Floor Durability

People may not think of sealant as a way to enhance the durability of a concrete floor, but that is one of its key side effects. By keeping out moisture, you decrease the harmful effects of internal freezing and thawing cycles that can weaken the structure of the concrete. With a sealant applied, the floor is made much stronger and more resistant to damage than its original state, since it is less susceptible to the elements.

At Triclean, we start the sealing process with a consultation, a floor cleaning, and several coats of sealant. For more information, get in touch with us via our contact page.

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