Spring Business Cleaning Solutions

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After a cold winter spent holed up inside, customers are going to start coming out to shop and have fun in the sun this spring. As a business owner, it’s important to make sure your business stands out amongst the others. At Triclean, we can help you get your office, storefront, or restaurant clean and ready for the season. Here are some important ways we can help with our spring business cleaning solutions.

Concrete Sealing

If your business features a pavilion, outdoor patio, or a concrete floor within, you want to make sure that the concrete is sealed to prevent unsightly damage. Triclean techs sweep away detritus, apply concrete cleaning chemicals, auto-scrub the floors, rinse the floors with a neutral detergent, and finish the job by applying three-to-five layers of sealant. This helps to extend the life of your concrete and protect it against harsh elements like UV rays and rain.

Window Washing

No spring cleaning would be complete without window washing services from Triclean. Just as eyes are the “windows” to your soul, your business’ windows reveal a lot to your customers. By having clean and sharp-looking windows, your business can stand out and showcase its wares to the public. When your windows look shabby, it’s natural for customers to assume that the interior (and maybe even the products) are equally ignored. Triclean can help by providing environmentally-friendly cleaning chemicals and using ergonomically designed implements to reach the most difficult spots.

Tile Floor Care

Many businesses have tiled foyers and entranceways, and this can be the first impression customers get of the way you run your company. You want to make sure that the front rooms are clean and presentable, and that includes ensuring that your tiles and grouting have been given adequate attention. Triclean uses specialized scrubbing machines and floor-stripping chemicals to get all of the dirt and detritus that brooms can’t reach.


This spring, get your business cleaning needs from Triclean. If you have any questions about services, please call our office or email us today. Our contact information can be found here.

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