How to Extend the Life of Your Tile Floor

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Tile floors are a common flooring choice for businesses, offices, churches, schools, and commercial properties. Seemingly easier to keep clean than carpet, tiles floors still require regular upkeep in order to retain their luster and last longer. Below are some steps to help keep your tile floor presentable and extend the life of your tile floor.

What You Can Do On Your Own

Just like visiting a dentist twice per year does not mean you should stop brushing your teeth, getting professional tile cleaning does not mean that daily maintenance can be forgotten. In fact, daily maintenance is perhaps more important, since most of your customers and visitors will enter your building on any given day than they will enter your building on the day you happen to get professional help.

Sweeping and mopping floors is a must, though you can vacuum the tile floor if you desire. The important part is to get all of the detritus off of the tiles. Mopping should be performed with a clean mop and followed by a thorough dry to help prevent dirty mop water from discoloring the grout. Though these regular services are offered by Triclean, they are things that you can do yourself if you so desire.

Getting Professional Help

Once or twice per month, you may wish to get professional help with your tile floor. This is important because the professionals at Triclean have access to high-powered machines that can clean to a level impossible with mere brooms and mops. Though we plan a specific cleaning method for each client and present a unique combination of services with our estimate to meet your needs, some of our available tile and grout services include:

  • Stripping the floor
  • Using scrubbing machines to reach spots inaccessible to brooms and mops
  • Rinsing floors with a neutral detergent
  • Providing a glossy finish to preserve cleanliness longer and give the floor a shine

It is especially important to get professional work done on the grout between tiles. This is a porous material that, unfortunately, tends to soak up spills, crumbs, soil, and bacteria, discoloring over time and becoming unsightly.

To get your tile floor looking great and lasting longer, contact our experts at Triclean today.

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