Triclean News | August 2013

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Every so often we hope to keep our family, friends and clients up-to-date with all the most recent happenings at Triclean. 2013 has been a great year for us and here is all the most recent news.

Another Record Year for Triclean

After analyzing all the numbers, Triclean is poised to have another record year. This will be the fourth consecutive year that Triclean has increased revenue and continued to grow our client base across the Triangle. It will not only be the fourth year revenue has grown, but the fourth consecutive year that we have experienced double digit growth.

This wouldn’t be possible without all our great commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning and janitorial accounts across this great state.

Thanks to everyone in the Triclean family!

SunTrust Campaign

Ever since mid-March we have been working hard and rocking an unbelievable production schedule on branches of SunTrust Bank across Northern Virginia and Maryland, North and South Carolina.

The Triclean commercial cleaning team should finish before our self-imposed deadline of Labor Day and well before their deadline of November 1. We like to think we over-perform and over-deliver. 🙂

Back to School

School is back in and so are the “August Crazies” as Burke calls them. This is the time of year when all the Triclean church preschool accounts need their annual specialty work done – including carpet cleaning, stripping of tile floors and refinishing tile floors, among others – within a two week period. Our great staff really ramps it up another notch each year at this time and we mange to get it all done through tireless effort.

Preparing for Winter

It may be 85 degrees today but snow and ice season is right around the corner. This is the time of year we like to speak with clients about the commercial properties and commercial lots we’ll be servicing once winter rolls around. We’re already readying our plows and spreaders for when that nasty inclement weather rears its ugly head!

Preparing for snow & ice season right around the corner. We hope to sign contracts for those properties/lots that we’ll be servicing in Sept + start readying our plows & spreaders for inclement weather.

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