New Triclean Website Has Launched!

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Over the last few months you may have noticed a complete overhaul of the Triclean website. We’ve been hard at work redesigning the old website to be more user friendly, easier to navigate, and more appealing. In this blog we will be going over some of the big changes that have been made to the website for your convenience.

Triclean-Responsive-WebsiteResponsive Design

The ability to pull up a website on a mobile device has become very crucial to consumers. The new Triclean website is much more responsive and user friendly on mobile devices allowing the user to navigate the site with relative ease.

Free Estimate Form

The updated website offers an improved form that customers can fill out and receive a free estimate of a job they want to have done. The form allows the user to just input some basic contact info and a brief description of the job. Once the form is submitted a Triclean representative will contact you via phone or email to continue the process.

Easier Navigation

The new site is more streamlined than the old version with easily clickable icons for easy navigation. The new site includes various large pictures and icons that when clicked will lead you to pages that you want to go to like services and contact information.

Website Blog Picture 2

Interactive Background and New Color Scheme

To add to the overall interaction of the new website many special effects have been added and new color schemes are being used. You will notice that images and graphics are animated – which adds to the appeal of the site. New brighter color schemes are being used to add to the appearance but also make certain important areas of the website stand out.

We hope that all of these changes to the Triclean website will make your experience, as a valued customer of Triclean, much more enjoyable.

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