Hydro Power Washing Cleans Hard-to-Reach Windows | High Window Washing

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Are outdoor stains, dust, dirt, grime and other irritants too hard for you to clean at your workplace? Replace spots with sparkles with hydro power high window washing.

It’s tough to clean thoroughly high windows like those found at offices, hotels, banks, churches, apartments, hotels, condos and the like. End your inconvenience and unsatisfactory results with a system that gets the job done free of stress and streaks.

The Process

The Unger nLite Hydro Power system uses the latest and most advanced glass cleaning tools and technology to make glass and building facades shine. It pumps filtered water through poles and goosenecks to reach high windows while our technicians operate them from the ground. Ergonomically designed washers, squeegees, brushes and scrapers fit securely on the extension poles to ensure cleaning for all parts of windows.

The equipment is compact and not bulky, so it takes up little space outside when cleaning. Also, the process is environmentally friendly, because it uses pure water.

What it Requires of You

The only preparation you will need is to set up a consultation with us prior to the treatment. A Triclean representative will come out and determine what is the best time and treatment for your high window washing. This is discussed with you, the customer, so that you can make an informed decision about what you would like to do.

Advantages for Building Owners and Landlords

Our high window washing system can be part of a customizable cleaning plan. If you would like other services we can provide for building internally and/or externally, we can set them up with you to do them all at once to save you time or over a specified period if preferred.

Stop putting up with messy high windows when there’s an easy, affordable fix. For more information on the process and to get a quote, call us at (919) 933-9955 or contact us here.


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